Oct 8 - Nov 11, 2005
South Huntington Library
145 Pidgeon Hill Road
Huntington Station, NY 11746
Stan Brodsky, Curator

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About roots & Off-shoots

To arrive at these images, I use digital technology--essentially the tools available on the computer program Photoshop--to create montages. These images reflect my personal sense of image and color, while subscribing to a single theme.

The inspiration for the roots & Off-shoots series sprung directly from my experiences kayaking in Northport harbor this past summer. Sometimes I would launch at 6am and experience the most lovely morning quiet enveloped in the first light of day. Oft-times the harbor appeared as a smooth expanse of glass, thus the reflections in the water were stunningly defined; the colors radiant. Sitting so low in the water allows for a unique perspective and time itself seems to slow down, allowing for a rare opportunity to focus on one’s immediate environment.

Kayaking at sunset offers yet another visually rich and rewarding experience – striking cloud formations outlined in vibrant hues of yellows and reds; silhouetted masts of countless sailboats dancing against the setting sun and later beneath the rising moon.

Upon returning from my voyages I immediately set to work to create images with the experience on the water still fresh, the salt air still in my lungs and on my skin.

Working in layers with different images allows for the combination of many combinations reflecting different times and different light. Working this way I strove to create a single image that captures the sensation of being enveloped in the rich and varied and newly discovered beauty that is in my “own backyard.”

I hope you take as much pleasure from viewing this world as I have had in re-creating it.

Kate Kelly