About Newsprint(s)

kate kelly
May 25th - June 20th, 2007
HPL Art Gallery
Huntington Public Library
338 Main Street
Huntington, NY 11743

Artist's Statement
kate kelly

This new body of work, titled “Newsprint(s)”, can best be described as digital montage. These particular works are drawn from newspaper headlines, current political and cultural events, etc. Images are scanned, downloaded, altered and combined.  Each finished piece uses upwards of ten, twenty, thirty different images.  Some images are clearly politically charged while others take on a more surreal tone, encouraging viewers to “draw” their own conclusions.  In addition to being a visual artist I am also a poet, thus the use of words serves that part of my creative nature.  These “Newsprint(s)” are printed on archival velvet art paper or premium luster photo paper, using archival inks.

There are 24 works, four per page. Click newsprints gallery to begin viewing.

Contact Kate: kate@katekellyart.com