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These works are painted and collaged images that also incorporate original photographs, digitally mastered. All images are available for purchase and are printed on archival paper, using archival inks. Available framed (using archival 8-ply mats) or unframed. Contact the artist for available sizes and prices. Enjoy!

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1. A Thinking Woman 11. Blossom 21. If I Can't Dance
2. A Trout in the Milk

12. Criminal Intent

22. In a Nut Shell
3. Air Mail the Hardest Battle 13. Doing Nothing 23. Memories; Realities
4. Already Taken 14. Fluer du Mal 24. Nine Stories
5. And Dust is for a Time 15. Folly 25. Passport
6. And to Die for Rob 16. Fydor's Story to Tell 26. Prelude
7. Beauty Steals 17. A Gentleman 27. Rare Achievement

8. Being Irish

18. Honest Abe 28. Remorse or Reminiscence
9. The Assault of Laughter 19. What am I doing here? Who am I loving there? 29. You that Alone I Cared to Keep
10. Recovery of Childhood 20. Wherever I Find Myself